Eliot Tubis, Chairman of EJT Holdings announced today the firm has acquired over 3% of the outstanding public warrants of DD3 Acquisition Corp II (DDMX). DDMX is the second SPAC sponsored by DD3 Capital Partners. DD3 Capital Partners first SPAC merged with Betterware- (BWMX). Betterware de Mexico is the leading direct to consumer selling company in Mexico. Mr. Tubis commented, “We are really excited to back Martin Werner and Jorge Combe in their next venture. Our firm is bullish on the team, as well as the Latin American and Hispanic markets. We believe this is an excellent risk reward opportunity to partner with DD3 in this venture. The team spent years at Goldman Sachs and has a deep Rolodex of contacts to create a fantastic deal.”

You can visit DD3’s website here.

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