The Entrepreneur’s Voyage is a concise yet powerful book that clearly outlines the rules and tools of success used by many of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. The book is full of real-life examples that illustrate the actual practice of wealth-building concepts. In a matter of an hour or less you will understand the key leverage points and mindset needed to navigate a successful and prosperous entrepreneurial voyage of your own.

The first book that breaks down the entrepreneurial business building process to such a simple level that anyone from a child to corporate titan can understand.

  • Learn the secrets of the 4 types of leverage to super charge your entrepreneurial venture
  • Develop the mindset needed to guide you to incredible financial and personal achievement
  • Eliminate catastrophic business mistakes by learning the secret of “testing” to create massive upside while protecting against downside losses
  • See how to spot the warning signs of the wealth destroying Lifestyle Treadmill or the Ponzi scheme
  • Learn to invest your “safe chips” so your financial assets are a Fort Knox for your future
  • Get the inside scoop on more than 50 rules and tools for entrepreneurial success used by many of the worlds greatest entrepreneurs
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