Are you an American Postal Property Owner?

Do you or your family own a postal location leased to the USPS®? Are you ready to sell your investment? No matter the situation we are ready to buy. No need to go through the hassle of listing your postal location. Let us help you cash in on your investment quickly and easily.  

As a private investment company with considerable capital, we buy post office properties direct. Our purchase evaluation team has the ability to move fast on assessments and offer the fair sales price you deserve. There are no fees, and we can pay in cash, if desired. 

Why Sell Your Postal Property To EJT Holdings?

  • Because you don’t have to pay commissions! We are not brokers, realtors or middlemen. You save money with no commission.
  • We close deals fast! All cash transactions with a quick closing and no financing contingencies.
  • We make decisions in just 24 hours. In fact, most decisions are made in just an hour. 

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