Stealth Scaling is a newly launched “AI-as-a-Service” company that automates manual, repetitive tasks for businesses within the healthcare, insurance, and banking industries. This rapidly growing company has attracted and onboarded former executives and advisors from industry giants such as UI Path, Cognizant, and Accenture.

Nick Tubis, Founder and CEO of Stealth Scaling, commented, “The future of work is AI backed by humans. Our vision is to make automation available to everyone. Companies like Scale AI inspired me to create something that accelerates adoption of AI and fuels the digital transformation across the globe. Our unique model produces a Day-1 ROI since we only charge per successful outcome. Ultimately, our vision is to create a self service platform where companies can upload the manual process they want to automate and our team will develop the automation for them, allowing the company to focus on higher value work. We want to give companies the ability to automate boring, manual, repetitive work – from small businesses and Fortune 500’s.”

Stealth Scaling’s launch has been highly anticipated, with eager customers waiting to take advantage of its automation services. Traditional automation software requires large initial budgets and additional implementation fees. Stealth Scaling offers a more affordable alternative, providing a quote that guarantees at least a 30% ROI on Day 1 of use. The company’s initial focus is on automating revenue cycle management processes in the healthcare industry, such as claims processing, pre-authorization, and medical coding.

Stealth Scaling’s platform has the potential to automate any process, giving companies the opportunity to transform and optimize their business entirely. Their automation is also backed by human support for guaranteed oversight and accuracy.

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