EJT Holdings Announce Acquisition of Bridgestone and Growth Capital Plans for Restaurant Brands

Eliot Tubis and EJT Holdings announce Bridgestone Tires Plus acquisition and growth funding for the restaurant industry (featured in Yahoo news). Click here to read the full article.


EJT Holdings and OrderSolutions Acquire Starbucks Location in US

OrderSolutions and EJT Holdings were recently featured on QSR Magazine – the article discusses a new partnership between EJT Holdings, OrderSolutions, and Starbucks. The article also discusses a previous partnership between OrderSolutions and Olo, as well as the general state of the restaurant industry (problems, solutions, changes, etc.). Click here to read the full article.


Eliot Tubis, Chairman of EJT Holdings, Announces Plan to Roll DD3 Warrants into Codere Online Merger

Eliot Tubis and EJT Holdings are excited to continue their ownership stake in DD3 Acquisition Corp. II, as it has announced a merger with Codere Online to become the dominant, online sports betting franchise in Latin America.

Mr. Tubis commented, “We are planning to roll our >3% stake of the outstanding public warrants. We believe this will be an excellent long term investment due to the growth in online sports betting, the Latin American market focus, and the powerful franchise Codere Online has built.”
See the full story here.


Eliot Tubis, Chairman of EJT Holdings, Announces Investment in DD3 Acquisition Corp II

Eliot Tubis, Chairman of EJT Holdings announced today the firm has acquired over 3% of the outstanding public warrants of DD3 Acquisition Corp II (DDMX). DDMX is the second SPAC sponsored by DD3 Capital Partners. DD3 Capital Partners first SPAC merged with Betterware- (BWMX). Betterware de Mexico is the leading direct to consumer selling company in Mexico. Mr. Tubis commented, “We are really excited to back Martin Werner and Jorge Combe in their next venture. Our firm is bullish on the team, as well as the Latin American and Hispanic markets. We believe this is an excellent risk reward opportunity to partner with DD3 in this venture. The team spent years at Goldman Sachs and has a deep Rolodex of contacts to create a fantastic deal.”

You can visit DD3’s website here.


Archer lands $1B order from United Airlines and a SPAC deal

A new TechCrunch article discusses one of Archer’s newest deals with United Airlines:

“Archer Aviation, the electric aircraft startup targeting the urban air mobility market, has landed United Airlines as a customer and an investor in its bid to become a publicly traded company via a merger with a special purpose acquisition company. 

Archer Aviation said Wednesday it reached an agreement to merge with special purpose acquisition company Atlas Crest Investment Corp., an increasingly common financial path that allows the startup to eschew the once traditional IPO process. The combined company, which will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange with ticker symbol “ACHR,” will have an equity valuation of $3.8 billion.”

Click here to view the full article on TechCrunch’s website.


Eliot Tubis and EJT Holdings acquires more than 3% of the public warrants of Atlas Crest/Archer Aviation

Eliot Tubis, Chairman of EJT Holdings, announced today that their family office has taken a 3%+ position in the warrants of the recently announced combination of Atlas Crest/Archer Aviation. Mr. Tubis commented, “it’s rare to get an opportunity to invest in the future of air transportation with such an accomplished investor and strategic partner set.” Archer is the leader in electric VTOL aircraft and has already received a $1 billion order from United Airlines. Mr. Tubis further elaborated, “ Archer has super banker, Ken Moelis, along with Cathy Wood from ARK already on board, these are two of the smartest people on the planet when it comes to investing and we are happy to jump on for the ride.”


EJT Holdings Partners with NetJets

Eliot Tubis, Chairman of EJT Holdings, announced today its new partnership with Netjets.com. Mr. Tubis commented, “After an exhaustive search, we have selected Netjets as our aviation partner to safely transport our executives and clients. Netjets is the leader in private aviation and offers the safest, most reliable operation of business jets worldwide.” Mr. Tubis elaborated, “We are looking forward to visiting clients, conducting due diligence, and transporting clients to our sites. The Citation Latitude will allow coast to coast air transportation in the safest and most expeditious manner. We are excited to be able partner with Netjets to facilitate our travel needs for EJT Family Limited Partnership, TSD Global, Order Solutions, and EJT Property Management.


EJT Holdings’ Portfolio Company, TSD Global, Opens Las Vegas Site Creating 300 Local Jobs

TSD Global announced today that it is adding more than 300 positions at its new Western United States Customer Contact Center, built to service one of the globe’s largest telecommunications companies…

Full Article on Business Insider, Click Here to Read.


EJT Holdings Announces Acquisition of the Firms Fourth Dollar General

Eliot Tubis, Chairman of EJT Holdings announced today the acquisition of the firms fourth Dollar General in the last few quarters. Mr. Tubis commented “This Shepherdsville Ky Dollar General is in one of the fastest growing regions of the Louisville MSA and sits right in front of the largest KOA family campground in the state of Kentucky offering easy access to convenience shopping for both campers and nearby residents. “ EJT Holdings continues to acquire credit tenant properties though out the USA. The firm has assets in 11 states and is looking to partner with growing strong brands in all major MSAs. For Inquiries please go to www.ejtholdings.com

Shepherdsville, Kentucky Campground | Louisville South KOA
Largest KOA Family Campground adjacent to property generates substantial traffic.

Eliot Tubis, Chairman of EJT Holdings announces the acquisition of the brand new Starbucks in Bluffton, South Carolina

EJT Holdings is proud to announce its partnership with Starbucks Corporation in the beautiful community of Bluffton, South Carolina. Eliot J. Tubis, founder of EJT Holdings commented, “We couldn’t be more excited to work with Starbucks, one of the worlds most valuable brands. Our ownership of this new building provides a gorgeous setting, high speed drive thru, as well as unique features such as ample golf cart parking for the over 10,000 residents of the upscale Sun City community adjacent to the property. We look forward to additional ownership opportunities with Starbucks and have another exciting deal in the works as we speak.

EJT Holdings is the Family Office of Eliot J. Tubis, investing in assets around the globe. Our investments include public securities, private equity , real estate and other asset classes. Please see http://www.ejtholdings.com for inquires and further information.


EJT Holdings Acquires the Main Post Office in Plymouth, FL

EJT Holdings is proud to announce the acquisition of the Plymouth, Florida, Main Post Office in the Orlando MSA. Plymouth is adjacent to Apopka , the fast growing northern region of the Orlando area. The Post Office is open full time and has been serving the community for over 30 years. 


EJT Holdings Announces Acquisition of Main Post Office in Zellwood, FL

EJT holdings is proud to announce the acquisition of the Zellwood, Florida Post Office. Zellwood is located in the northern Orlando MSA and the post office has been serving this beautiful community for over 30 years.